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2 years ago

ASexStories - Free Sex Stories and Erotic Fiction


My wife and I like the swing, sometimes. I love her asexstories with other guys, and we had some good times in reports and meetings. She is in her thirty- five years and has a great figure and body. She has always picking guys prble and turns asexstories heads when she enters a room. Last year we were on holiday in Menorca in a villa in a group of eight, was sunbathing t very happy and always relaxed, a group of four youth movements of the town bnext door for us, two black and two white men from mainland Spain, all with very good English. They asexstories took very happy with T, and spent much of the first two days in the chat, it says that one of them told me it was very fortunate to have a woman so sexy, I said that it was more than enough for everyone the. That night, we were asked to open a bar for a drink with them, they are gone. She has a very tight short dress and very hot loked had underwear in all Bolivians. They sat around and got her crazy after a while returned to theirVilla for more alcohol, and began balkc Snog boys grabbed her and the breasts of a key that made ​​no object when asexstories the other went between his legs and licked her, soon she was naked and surrounded by four handsome young men Spanish all asexstories naked with hard ons. the black stopped licking her and took her with energy and a huge tail came to him the other three in turn to fuck, I turned around and she was fucking her ass Stayler dog and then a beating, too. Also flew all men. This went on for about an hour, I leftvthem, and returned the next morning, they all fucked her every day of our vacation, either jointly or alone or in pairs, she was a slut cum loves every second of it , we have some great pictures of the shit they get.
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